by Trish Hadley

Listen, I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I’ve seen some pretty bad head shots. It’s always amazing to me when I go online to a place like LinkedIn (if you’re not familiar, it’s basically a Facebook version of the business world) and it’s just like… Island of Misfit Head Shots. I see people with images of themselves that are blurry, maybe some weird Instagram filter was applied or just a crazy backdrop that looks like it’s from 1986. These same people are looking for jobs, connections, or maybe even love on a dating website.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Check out the info on Head Shot Days or perhaps a full on Personal Branding Session might be a better fit.

So….Is your current Head Shot on that island? Check out the list and see. 🙂

1. Weird expression on your face.
Maybe you weren’t comfortable when the pic was taken and you have a double chin showing. Maybe you suffer from RBF (Resting Bitch Face) like me. Either way, it’s an expression so distracting that a viewer can’t look past it.

2. Unnecessary props.
It pretty much speaks for itself—but you don’t need 10 props to show people what you do. Sometimes to include a few are cool but most times they look cheesy. Viewers mostly just need to see your face and let your other marketing materials handle the rest.

3. Odd placement of hands.
Examples include: thumbs up, hand under the chin (that would should be illegal), hand on collar, just name a few…

4. Funky, outdated backdrop.
Usually heavy textured backdrops that portrait studios used in the 80s and 90s and looked like this are a dead giveaway. Yes, some studios still use them. Why? Because some studios are just stuck in the past.

5. Bad lighting.
Usually happens when photo wasn’t taken professionally like this one, but usually a selfie or taken by a friend.

6. Strange background that doesn’t match your business or purpose.
Are you a skin consultant but your head shot was taken in a parking lot? How about your a car salesman but it’s a photo of you in full hunting gear while standing over a deer? If there’s a prominent background in your image, it should be a part of what you do.

7. Bad editing/processing.
We know that Taffy Sunshine filter on your phone makes everything all ‘pink and fun’ but it’s not appropriate on your headshot. Just stop.

8. it’s from a group shot that got cropped.
We get it–you were at the bar that nite with some friends and looked really good in that pic! So you just cropped everyone else out. Um no. Sometimes we can still see another person’s shoulder/hand/boob and overall, still not a professional head shot.

9. Ridiculously outdated.
Maybe it was a good shot at the time, however the years have passed and your hair, weight, face look way different than who you are today. Do you really want to show up for an in-person meeting and have people going, “huh?’

10. No. Headshot. Whatsoever.
Yep, the ol’ blank or default icon is playing the role of where your face should be. You’re not THAT busy to get this done, c’mon now. We take care of just about EVERYTHING at our studio. You can wear your yoga pants. Just bring a cute top from the list of wardrobe we recommend and we’ll take care of the rest.

Trish as easy to work with, took the extra time to ensure everything was perfect and overall made me feel like a rockstar. The images she created are beautiful! I highly recommend Trish!
~Leslie Perry, owner of Leslie Perry Cosmetics

Trisha’s work is excellent! I had no complaints with my photos and thoroughly loved them all. The biggest challenge was selecting which ones to use as my new professional headshot. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.
~ Brandon Strong, owner of Event Masters, Ltd.