Alma, 65
Saginaw, Michigan

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From Alma:
“I did the  headshots the year before and the process was amazing, Trish made me feel very comfortable. I did the shoot because it was my birthday plus I wanted to have 
nice pictures for my ‘going away party’!!

I was both nervous and excited about the shoot ut, I knew Trish always gets the best shots no matter how nervous or shy a person may be. After a glass of wine, I was ready for almost anything.  Trish’s energy makes you feel like you are a Super Model!

I’m 65 and glad I made it this far. I’m still trying to be the best I can be!!  Age was a factor in wanting to do the shoot. Today is a present. Live like its your last day!!

I was very concerned about my “flaws” and not being picture perfect.  There comes a time when you have to love yourself in your own skin. Trish makes you feel very comfortable and at ease.


Many thanks to Alma, you were awesome!!! ~T