The Pawtrait Party

Dog Photo Sessions: Sunday, Dec. 1 • RSVP only
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Why these shoots are different than other ‘pet sessions’…

From 2012-2017 I helped my husband Patrick do pet photography with ‘StudioFido’. Prior to that, I’d taken my dog to the local pet store for a ‘shoot with Santa’ etc., and was very unhappy with the photos. My dog’s face always looked stressed or they were looking away (or the backdrop was super cheezy). The sessions were never really done by someone who worked with dogs very much though so it’s no wonder they turned out like they did.

With StudioFido though, we learned that it paid off to spend the extra time to cuddle, love on and give belly rubs to the pups before and during the shoot. The results made the dog look waaayyy more comfortable and ultimately, more like the face their human knows and loves (vs. some big stressball). Some dogs took much longer than others too, but it didn’t matter. They were calling the shots regarding when they decided to trust us.

When I started my portrait business in 2014, it became harder to manage both my stuff and StudioFido, so we let it go. I really miss doing the dog portraits though—so that is why we’re setting up this one day inside to just do doggie shoots (and yes, spaces are limited). Images would be done in time for the holidays and shoots can be done with a person or just the pup by themselves.

I look forward to the possibility of shooting with you and/or your pup!

Trish Hadley
Trish Hadley Portrait

“Patrick and Trish were awesome with our little guys. So patient. I’m so glad I did the session, especially since my one dog is almost 13. They had a great time and napped in the car all the way home.”
~Amanda B., Midland

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The Pawtrait Party takes place Dec. 1 and slots are by pre-paid, reservation only. All sessions are good for one person/one pooch or pooch only, limit 2. Age 12+ only