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Lilly, 18
Pima Canyon in Phoenix Arizona
Wardrobe: Trish Hadley
“When I was younger, I was a very active kid. I loved to climb and run, and I just had so much energy. When I was around two, my mom put me in a dance class, and I absolutely loved it. I did that for a few years, then I was in gymnastics as well. However, I enjoyed dance much more because I liked being able to do different styles of it.”
“My favorite genre of dance is Jazz. Being in recitals and/or having an audience is one of my favorite things! I love being able to show people that dance is a form of art, and that it can be a very impressive thing. I like showing people that your bodies can move in many different ways.”
“In the future, I do see myself taking part in dance somehow. I would love to teach younger kids how to dance. Even if I do not pursue dance as my main career, I would love to have it in my life. When I was a kid I always looked up to my dance teachers and they were some of my biggest inspirations in my life. I would love to be able to be that person in someone else’s life.”“Being a dancer has helped me with many other areas in my life. It’s helped my confidence, and build new friendships. I used to be very shy before I joined the team I am on now. Dance has created many friendships for me, that are the closest friendships I have ever had.”“The most challenging part of being a dancer to me is being able to time manage my life. Dance takes up many days and hours of my life, and it is sometimes hard to manage school and dance together. It can also be hard to fit in extra time for friends or family.”“I like to perform any kind of jumps. I love being able to test my limits, and see how high I can jump, and what I can do in the air while I am jumping.”“My shoot with Trish was an amazing experience. At the start, I was very nervous because I tend to get a little awkward in front of the camera. Trish helped me overcome my nerves by giving me tips and tricks to be more comfortable. She never gave me certain poses. She would just tell me to make different shapes with my body, and just let the movements flow. It was a different experience for me, but it helped me realize that you do not always have to be in specific poses to get a good shot. ““There have been many times when I have thought about giving up dance. I have had ongoing back injuries, and sometimes I wonder if it is worth putting my body through pain. But dance has helped me get through hard times in my life, and it has made me who I am today. So, when I think about giving up dance, I remind myself that I would not be the same without it.”

Many thanks to Lilly and her mum Michele for taking part in this project!