Hello! We look forward to seeing you on HeadShot Day! We don’t want you to overthink your wardrobe, so here’s some tips on what to bring + how to prep.

Your shoot includes one ‘outfit’. In most cases, it will be just your head and face photographed (so you can wear jeans, yoga pants etc.). That is unless you require a 3/4 or full body shot (we sometimes take a 3/4 one anyways). Let us know if you require a full body shot. If you don’t, no need to worry about shoes.
Your shoot also includes professional makeup and hair (yes, even for guys if they want it, some need help with hair).

Just come to the shoot with:
No makeup on and clean, dry hair (no styling product). Depending on the style of your shoot will dictate the level of makeup and style. We do a conservative look for business and can make it more dramatic for say, a dating head shot. If you have a certain way you’d like your hair and makeup done, please bring a photo for our stylists to reference.

• Your outfit or top, on a hanger if needed. We do not have the option of ironing clothes at the studio, please do not stick your items in a bag or suitcase or bring 20 items for us to choose from. We can help you make a choice, but please don’t bring more than 3 options.


General Tips:

Want to look thinner?
Big, bulky sweaters or jackets add weight. Fitted garments are going to make you look leaner. Stay away from scarves, ponchos, tunic sweaters etc. Ladies, your clothing should have a waist even if you don’t feel you have one. Also, anything with a V-neck will make your neck look longer (not counting if there’s a shirt underneath).

Want to look fresh and vibrant? Wear white. This works on any color skin, any age.



My appointment is at 3:00, should I be there at 2:30? No. Please do not come super early, it’s best if you just come on time. We do not have the space to house a large waiting area and we’re going to try and get you in and done as fast as possible.

Can I bring my friend/child/significant other to my shoot?
Because of limitations on space, we highly encourage you to leave your friends and SOs at home. Also, because the space is not child-friendly, we do not allow children under 12 at the studio anyways.

How long is this going to take?
For ladies, because of makeup and hair, generally about 1.5 hours total. For guys, 30-45 minutes.

How long until I see my proofs?
Generally 3-4 days after your shoot, you can schedule your Reveal for later in the week or we can contact you via email or text to let you know they’re ready and then schedule your Reveal.

Can you just put my proofs online in a gallery? I’m long distance from the studio and can’t view in-person. 
For our long distance people we are happy to schedule a phone or Skype Reveal where we will look at the images together. We do it this way so we can answer any and all questions in one swoop.

How will I receive my digital file(s)? Can you size them according to what I need for my marketing?
We will upload your file(s) in their full size, high-res JPEG format to a Dropbox app, and send you a link at which you can download them. This link is live for 7 days ONLY and then the images will expire and be removed. If we have to post your image again because it wasn’t downloaded within that time period, there is a $75 fee to upload it a second time.
If special sizing is required, you would need to discuss that with us prior to us uploading the images. If the request is reasonable, we will do free of charge. However, if multiple sizes/formats etc. are needed, a fee will apply depending on the scenario.

What happens if I don’t like any of my proofs?
In all honesty, that is VERY rare, but yes, it happens. We’re upfront that your fee is non-refundable because this is a labor-based service and the work was already done. However, in the extreme scenario that you don’t like anything, we are more than happy to discuss what went wrong and possibly offer a reshoot. We want you to be happy with your images.


Examples: WOMEN

Women / Business Casual
No bright or intense colors. Stay away from patterns. Keep jewelry simple and to a minimum.
Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

Women / Business Formal
No bright or intense colors. Stay away from patterns. Little to no jewelry. A matching top and bottom (green and green) will make you longer and leaner than say, a green shirt and black pants.
Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4

Women / Dating / Beauty Style
No bright or intense colors. Stay away from patterns. Jewelry can be heavier but still keep it simple. Lots of options on this one, we suggest going with whatever is your style.
Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4


Examples: MEN

Men / Business Casual:
No bright or intense colors. Stay away from patterns. If doing a suit jacket, pair with jeans.
Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

Men / Business Formal:
Suits! Can be with a tie and/or vest or without (slightly more relaxed look).
Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

Men / Dating Style:
Relaxed tees with jeans, or go with a suit for a dressier look.
Example 1, Example 2,