Styled Shoots for 2019

Hey Photographers!

In 2016 + 2017, I hosted a couple styled shoots, one was a bridal + boudoir shoot at a private location (with about 8 models, 6 stylists, a florist, an event planner and 12 other photographers in attendance). The other was more portrait with a mix of fantasy and couture. I hosted/executed that one at the studio and we had about 5 models, 4 stylists and I shot it by myself (video can be seen here).

Both shoots took a tremendous amount of planning but the end result was a lot of eye candy goodness that I loved shooting and putting in my portfolio.

I am currently considering hosting more of these (and having reservation open to photographers) at the Saginaw studio, Detroit and/or possibly other parts of Michigan. There are a lot of factors that go into this and I’m looking for genuine feedback on what other photographers are looking for. The shoots won’t be free, which is another consideration. I’ll also be upfront that my interest doesn’t really center on doing these around bridal, boudoir or weddings, that’s kind of a ‘been there done that’ thing for me. I know I also hate going to shootouts or workshops where I have to fight for space among a sea of other photographers. I’d rather keep the shoots I host to small groups or pairs.

If you’re a photog and this interests you, please fill out the survey below. I would love to know what sort of concepts and locations peak your interest. Thank you!
Trish Hadley